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Ajwain (Carom) Honey

Ajwain (Carom) Honey

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Indulge in the exquisite essence of organic and Raw Ajwain (Carom, Bishop’s Weed) Honey, a delightful blend of health and flavor. Extracted from the nectar of petite white Ajwain flowers in Eastern India during the limited blooming period, this dark amber honey captures the distinct aromatic, herbal, and medicinal notes of Ajwain. It offers rich and complex layers of flavors, blending sweetness with a hint of bitterness and nuttiness. With its antioxidant and antibacterial properties, and the digestive benefits of Ajwain, this thick and buttery honey offers gastric benefits, supports weight management, relieves coughs and colds, and promotes respiratory health.

What’s in the jar? 

Nectar of Ajwain's aromatic blooms, captured in this jar of pure bliss

Taste Profile

Experience the captivating flavor profile of Raw Ajwain Monofloral Honey, with its unique blend of herbal, earthy, aromatic and spicy notes. Derived from the ajwain plant, commonly used in Indian cuisine for its distinct flavor, this honey offers a perfect melody of sweetness with a subtle hint of bitterness. Its dark, intense, and herbal flavor creates a sensory journey that delights the taste buds. With its dark amber color and distinct aroma, it leaves a lingering aftertaste with a gentle spice undertone. Indulge in the exquisite flavor of Ajwain honey, an exceptional culinary companion that adds a touch of complexity to any dish or beverage.


Showcasing a rich and deep golden brown hue, this honey exhibits a darker shade, reminiscent of the earthy tones of Ajwain.

Versatile uses

Incorporate the versatility of Raw Ajwain Honey into your cooking repertoire, and savor the incredible fusion of flavors it brings to your dishes.

  • Add a drizzle of Raw Ajwain Honey to savory dishes and witness how it elevates the flavors to new heights. 
  • Ajwain is a spice commonly used in Indian cuisine, and Raw Ajwain Honey perfectly complements it. Incorporate this honey into traditional Indian recipes to add a touch of sweetness and a hint of spicy, aromatic flavor that harmonizes with the spices and enhances the overall taste. 
  • Enjoy the goodness of Ajwain Honey as a natural sweetener in your daily beverages when they are lukewarm. 
  • Start your day on a healthier note by having a spoonful of Raw Ajwain honey with all its digestive goodness
  • Let the complex and nuanced flavor profile of Ajwain honey elevate your culinary creations, including salad dressings, marinades, and glazes. 
Goodness & Health Benefits

Experience the remarkable health benefits of Raw Ajwain Monofloral Honey, a true treasure trove for your well-being. Harness the power of Ajwain with this honey, a potent home remedy for gastric issues such as indigestion, acid reflux, and stomach aches. Discover its incredible benefits, including its proven effectiveness for individuals with Type 1 diabetes. Ajwain honey becomes your trusted companion for digestive health, aiding in weight management, strengthening the immune system, and enhancing sleep quality. Notably, its gastric benefits make it an excellent aid for weight loss. Derived from organically grown Ajwain, this honey is packed with antioxidants and boasts antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, aiding in digestion, relieving coughs, colds, and sore throat, and promoting respiratory health. It also acts as a natural antiseptic, ideal for treating wounds and skin infections. Additionally, Ajwain honey effectively fights fungal infections, combats free radicals, boosts immunity, and improves heart health. Embrace the power of Ajwain with this remarkable honey and unlock a world of well-being.

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    Raw Honey should not be given to infants younger than a year old due to the risk of botulism. If you have known allergies to bee products or pollen, exercise caution when consuming raw honey.


    Raw honey has an almost indefinite shelf life if stored properly. Store it in a tightly sealed container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, humidity, and extreme temperatures. Do not refrigerate.


    Over time and often in low temperatures, raw honey may naturally crystallize, but this does not affect its quality or nutritional value. It is completely safe but can make it look grainy and sugary. Place the jar in a warm water bath to restore consistency.


    Raw honey is high in natural sugars, including fructose and glucose. People with diabetes should monitor their honey consumption and work with a healthcare professional to incorporate it into their meal plan while managing sugar levels.


    Heating honey or mixing it in hot beverages/food products (above 40°C causes honey to degrate and lose its natural enzymes and beneficial properties. Consuming such Honey will do no good to the body.


    Use a clean and dry spoon when scooping honey from the jar to prevent introducing foreign substances. Avoid using wet spoons. The presence of moisture can lead to fermentation/spoilage. Discard the jar in such a case.