Empowering Beekeepers

The challenges faced by our small-scale beekeepers result in making beekeeping unviable! Lack of viability, unsustainable agricultural practices, pesticide poisoning and habitat loss are leading to decline in bee population. This has far-reaching consequences that extend to our food security and survival on the planet.

Our 'string-of-pearls' model instills scientific and ethical beekeeping practices, maximizes hive productivity, narrows information asymmetry, reduces the gender divide (by unlocking beekeeping as a low-barrier economic activity), enhances crop yields through bee-managed pollination, mitigates climate change, and benefits the overall health of bees and ecosystems.

  • Embracing Ethical and Sustainable Beekeeping

    Building Scientific Capacities through the BEEKIND App

    Our app-driven solutions empower beekeepers with AI-driven decision support, vernacular interfaces for speech and text inputs, and continuous learning through stage-appropriate videos, expert and community connects. , ensuring thriving bee colonies and higher yields.

    By democratizing access to support and knowledge through technology and vernacularization, we are enabling beekeepers to better manage their hive health, diagnose diseases, improve honey production, and improve their livelihoods.

  • Honey Sourced with care from super chambers

    Quality input-supplies through bee-BAZAAR

    Though our app-based beE-BAZAAR, we provide precision-engineered high-quality bee-boxes (made of hardwood and following BIS-standards for Apis Mellifera and Apis Cerena Indica), essential tools, and quality colonies, to run the apiary. This equips beekeepers with the right tools to ensure the well-being of their bees and maximize hive productivity and higher-quality honey.

    We are also introducing beekeepers to harvest other hive products including beeswax, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and beesvenom, for maximum income potential.

  • Fair Forward Market Linkage with HUMBLE BEE

    With HUMBLE BEE, we are driven by a commitment to bring you the absolute best, finest and authentic honey, a source of health and goodness you can trust, and counter the mass-produced and artificial imitations.

    HUMBLE BEE aims to elevate India as the world's honey capital, providing sustainable livelihoods to millions of young men and women in the apiculture sector. We are looking to build a self-perpetuating cycle of scientific and ethical beekeeping, enhancing food security, and taking decisive steps toward a more sustainable, climate-resilient future.